Touch Screen Description:
Control panel with touch screen keys: start, pedestrian, open, close
WIFI status, alarms display, inputs and external devices status, system info, operating parameters management
Graphic indication of door status
UserFriendly interface for easy and intuitive management of parameters
Three types of doors that can be set based on weight: light, medium, heavy
It is possible to connect the panel to a local WIFI network and manage / configure the system remotely (Smartphone)
Dedicated app introduces the following features:
Management of operating parameters
Remote automation monitoring
Firmware updates for control units
Quadro firmware update
Access to Tutorials
Simultaneous management of multiple switchboards (all those in the network)
Synchronization between multiple panels for the implementation of multi-system operating methods (compass type, etc. ..)
Timed operations planning (Open at hh: mm, Close at, hh: mm, Open every mm, etc ..)
Radio receiver and remote control
External flashing
Integrated LED flashing light


Technical features
  • Power supply voltage: 230V / 50Hz or 60Hz single phase
  • Motor output: 230V three-phase
  • Delta motor connection
  • Maximum power: 2kW
  • External devices power supply: 12V / 24V AC / DC
  • Operating temperatures: - 20°C / + 70°C
  • Protection: IP54
  • Touch screen: 7 inches. Definition 800 x 480. Resistive type
  • Dimensions: 225 x 445 x 152 mm


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