Power control board

Technical features
  • Power supply: 20-27V battery 
  • Traction motor: 24V / 350W 
  • Electric brake control output: 3A max. 
  • Buzzer
  • Speed reference input power supply: 5V or 12V
  • Seat switch input: connect with +B
  • Moving switch input: to be connected with +B 
  • Speed reduction switch input: to be connected with +B
  • Brush motor output: 24V / 500W 
  • No-load motor output: 24V / 500W 
  • Solenoid valve output: 3A max. 
  • Detergent pump output: 3A max. 
  • Water pump output: 5A nom. / 15A max. 
  • Switch key input: logic power supply to be protected by fuse 3A 


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